30 Days of Gratitude

Day 29

I am grateful for my jeans that fit a weee bit snug. This tells me I am not for want and have plenty to eat when I look into my fridge or pantry. Not all can say the same. I love to cook and bake and have a a husband and family that enjoys cooking with me and provides healthy, delicious meals for our family. And I eat em!

In a time when I am raising teenage girls who are under the microscope more than ever about body image and weight this topic hits home with me… I was watching a recent award show and I’m looking at these women that our kids see and look up to.. And they are rails. Their arms are skin and bone. Their cheeks are just.. wrong. And they deprive themselves. And it just doesn’t even look good! And I’ll tell you what.. That’s not how I roll. My kids watch every move I make. Every.one. For the most part I love eating things that are healthy for me. But…. If there is a french donut with chocolate icing – I’m gonna eat that thing! Wine? Yes! I’m having the wine if I want some!

I’m trying to teach the girls that life, regardless of the topic, is about moderation. And being comfortable in your own skin. Beauty is not what you look like. Not on the outside anyway. Not true beauty… Let’s find joy in fueling our bodies well. Eating what we need to be healthy and strong. Let’s take walks and play sports. But let’s not obsess. Let’s have dessert… if we want some!

Do I have a belly that works in new and mysterious ways since I’ve entered my 40s? Yep!
Could I stand to do a few squats and crunches. Sure could. But I’m busy right now. It’s the holidays. My life is full of making memories. (If I’m not at work or PT🙄)

Maybe I’ll have the perfect body in a future life.
Nah.. I’ll still have those donuts.. (and wine😉)

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