30 Days of Gratitude

Day 26

I am grateful for negative, unhappy people. I know you are probably thinking that I must be drunk posting.. Stick with me on this…
Most of the time in our lives we are able to choose with whom we associate ourselves. We are able to choose whom we involve in our circle of people that make up our lifeline.


There is always a circumstance that we have to “put up” with someone. Whether it’s at work… Or a family member… Or someone constantly spouting negativity on social media. Or an ex cough. 🙄

I am grateful for these people. Why? Because they remind me to look at where I am in my journey. How am I doing? Am I putting out the vibe into the world that they are? They actually help align me onto a more positive path.

We all have these people. All of us. We can choose to let them drag us into their spiral of unhappy.. Or.. We can learn from them what we don’t want to be and be better people for it. The truth is… They have to live that unhappy life.. Not us. And it must suck to suck.

So… to the douchebags of the world… Thank you. Carry on. You’ve got nothing on me. 😊

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