30 Days of Gratitude

Day 22

I’m grateful for my husband.

Our story is long and twisty, but every road led us here.

My husband and I are totally different people with different personalities and tendencies. I am a planner (with lists and flowcharts) and Josh will start thinking about, “planning” or packing for a trip about two minutes prior to needing to leave or eat or whatever! I like things in their place, Josh is a spreader. I’m fairly certain he likes to see everything he owns all at the same time. 😂 We balance eachother out (and maybe drive eachother nuts.. who can tell)

Our all time griller, our fishing instructor (aka baiter and fishing line detangler), home fixer, builder, bartender, lawn boy… our camo wearing Joshy. If you can’t find him… check Menards.

He is so many things to all of us in our home, but what I love most about him is how much he makes me laugh. It’s what I fell in love with first about him. We laugh so much together. And then his giving heart. If he can help someone – he will do it. Like right now.

Love him dearly and so grateful for him 💓

but dude… put your sh*t away!!😂

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