30 Days of Gratitude

Day 21

I’m grateful for my Mom. My Maummy. We have been through it all together!

The older I get, and the more “momming”’I get under my own belt the more grateful I am for her.

She had me when she was just 20!!

We have both single mommed it and having known how she lived through it and came out on the other side the way she did gave me hope and support in a way noone else could.

I thank her for the empathy and kind heartedness I possess in myself today as she has always had it for me.

I thank her for the giving nature I possess as she would and has always literally given me (and my children) the shirt off her back if we needed it .

I thank her for my giggly, silly, playful outlook on life as that is how she lives hers.

I thank her for teaching me the joy of trying new things and excitement of new adventures.

I thank her for teaching me that it’s totally FINE to start celebrating a birthday months ahead of time and keep that shit rolling as long as you want! Mom quote on birthdays “Is it almost my birthday?” (in February – her birthday is May)

She and I were side by side with my Dad navigating through something so rare to do with someone. And I gained so much respect and admiration for her unwaivering and unconditional love that she poured out there every single day. Noone really knows what we saw, or what we did together during that time… I have no words for how proud I am of her for how amazing she was.

I’m so proud of how brave she is right now. Walking each step. As hard or as wobbly as it is.

Love you Maummy. I’m so grateful for all that you are, and all that you’ve instilled into me.

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