30 Days of Gratitude

Day 20

I am grateful I live somewhere that I get to experience all four seasons. Us Chicagoans can get so super bitchy about every.single.season and can forget the blessings each one holds.

We get summer where we get to enjoy a good margarita on a hot day by the pool. Watermelon, fabulous fruit, bbqs, flip flops, painted toenails, eating outside. But then we bitch because it’s sooo hot and there are mosquitoes.

We get fall: the crisp air, the beautiful colors, pumpkin patches, bonfires, football, chili, jeans and boots, apple picking, apple baking.. I could go on all day but I digress. But then we bitch because it’s about to be cold.

We get winter: where we get to look out the window with the ALL lights off in the house and pretend we are in a snow globe when it snows (just us?), Christmas movies, hot cocoa, decorations, that buildup in the air that SANTA IS COMING!!! Somehow as we get older and our kids age we forget the magic and just act like it’s all such a chore and exhausting and stressful. Why did we have to lose the magic? And we bitch about the snowblowing and how we are freeeeezing.

Disclaimer: We can all agree February sucks it pretty hard with all the gray and the slush..

We get spring where we have all colors of new flowers blooming. New life. Everything is turning green. When we gasp like we have never seen a tulip before as we gasp and point at each one we see at first bloom. Sports begin. I can remember as a kid to me spring smelled like softball. To Hailey it smelled like ladybugs (?) But then we bitch because allergies and we have to start yandwork again.

I’m working towards seeing the gifts each season holds rather than the alternative. And when it snow dumps on us – rathwr than grump about having to snow blow – look how pretty it really is. Go make a snowball and throw it at your spouse’s ass and start a snowball fight. Build a snowman or make a snow angel with or without kids. (Your neighbors already think you’re weird, trust me, just do it)

So many blessings…
If we look and just… enjoy the moment.

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