30 Days of Gratitude

Day 13

I am grateful for the household repairs that seem to be on rotation. The occasional drip during a heavy rain. Then the air conditioning dies on the hottest day of the summer. Then the lighter feature on the gas stove goes out. Then…

We all know how it goes. It is always something. These can get us locked in a wahh wahh mindset. If we allow. I have to remember that there are so many people who would give anything to have my problems and that these nuisances tell me that I have a home of my own. A home that is far more than just a residence. A home of love, safety and freedom. It’s getting cold out now and not all people have this taken for granted accommodation. Josh and I are able to provide a roof over the heads of this family. And what we need to teach our children is that when things in life pop up, break and go wrong in our homes and in life (and they will)…
We don’t bitch
We fix them.
And if we don’t know how, we find someone who does and can help us find a solution.

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