30 Days of Gratitude

Day 5

I’m grateful for my Charley girl.

She’s by a mile the most challenging, high maintenance dog that I’ve ever had. She’s had just about every ailment possible in her 3.5 years with us. The vet knows us REALLY well. She’s a terrible walker. She’s got a bit of an attachment disorder and can never be more than 1 inch away from me (which is both endearing and sometimes suffocating). She will not go outside unless we go too and I’m pretty sure our house is 82% her fur.


I’ve never known anyone THIS happy to see me when I walk in the door (even if I just went to get the mail) never been loved so hard and so unconditionally. If I’m sick or sad, she knows, and is EVEN MORE right there with me. She brings laughter to our home in a way that only a 100 pound knucklehead can.

And… every first Tuesday of the month, without fail, she reports for duty on her self appointed role on the siren testing task force.

Photo 1: what we call “her guitar leg sit” 😂

And her November siren task force duty 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

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