30 Days of Gratitude

Day 3

I’m so grateful that the girls tell me as much as they do about their worlds. For both of them, the majority of the time we are apart with Hannah away at school and Hailey and I having completely opposite schedules/times when we are home.

Over the years they’ve always kept me in the loop of their lives with what Hannah refers to as a word vomit. When she knows she has alot to say she will even preface the conversation so that I can brace (and maybe grab a snack and pee quick) with a “Sorry, this is going to be a word vomit…”

To be honest when Hailey and I were both here for dinner last night (and it was just the two of us) it was about 30 mins of that type of share session that left me not knowing where I was for a few beats…

I’d much prefer these temporary black outs to being removed from their thoughts, their dreams and their stories. It’s not lost on me that not all teenagers talk to their parents.

Hannah texted me last night saying she has so much to tell me. So we get to FaceTime tonight. Can’t wait!

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