30 Days of Gratitude: Day 1

I’m grateful for mental health professionals. I am not the slightest bit ashamed to admit that I speak with a therapist. We all need tuneups on our cars to keep them running smoothly so why wouldn’t it make sense to tune up our emotions, hearts and minds to do the same? There has always been such a negative stigma on this profession/practice and anyone associated with going to therapy MUST be “crazy” or have multiple personalities or suicidal or something so severe we have only seen it in the movies.

Perhaps that is true for some.

For me, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I have since college in different forms and different situations. I pre worry. I sometimes worry about how much I’m worrying. I don’t always set good boundaries and don’t have the best balance in my life. For example I hate saying no. I hate having the feeling that people are upset with me. I take care of everyone first and leave little time or energy for myself. And then some traumas I’ve lived through but they are my work and there’s no need to blah blah blah…

I work with her on things in my past that need healing and things in my present that need tweaking.

Point is: I love talking to my person.

A key piece I have taken away from her is: what we focus on grows.

Which is why I take this month to focus on gratitude. Finding the beauty in the daily little things. Because in the end the little things… the day to day things… occupy most of our lives. So we should find beauty and gratitude in them.. As I’m finding out: those little things… they’re everything.

So day one: let’s go.

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