30 Days of Gratitude

In previous years I started taking the month of November to focus on things I am grateful for. I started 8 years ago, which is also the same timing that we received the news that my Dad was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer.

I didn’t start doing this to be trendy or preachy, though I get it can come across that way. I don’t do this to tell everyone how I have my life all together and LOOK AT ME! BE MORE LIKE ME!

I do it because I need to. I need to focus on the positives in my life or I’ll just fall into a spiral of self pity, negative thoughts and self talk.

It is an exercise that helps put my life into perspective. It centers me. It also helps me look at every day annoyances or stresses and try and look at them differently. I try to keep at it every day… I do. I’m striving to get there. Life is so busy (lame excuse) and I fall away from it.

Why publicly? If I make a commitment like this I will more likely follow through with it completely than if I just doodle in a notebook. Also, unexpectedly it has provided many notes of gratitude from people I know well and those I barely know or haven’t seen in twenty years. Notes thanking me as my babble has helped them see something differently or given them a turn around on that day. That to me is powerful and inspiring.

Gratitude posts beginning November 1 – Feel free to come along. ❤

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