Thursday and Papa’s Quotes

If I were to use some of my Dad’s stand out quotes that he uttered over the years in dictionary type format it would look something like:

“WHAT THE SHIT?!” – expressing frustration, poking fun, confusion

“Get out of the pool with your clothes on!!” – when my brothers were in their plastic kiddie pool fully dressed playing with the hose 🤦🏼‍♀️

“Quit playing that stupid game and go order a pizza” – when I was in high school and my friends were over and we were playing volleyball – and I guess Dad was hungry and ready for dinner 🤷🏼‍♀️

“You look like a dutch boy” – when Hailey got her haircut to chin length – no layers 🤦🏼‍♀️

“Come On Captain America Pants!” – when a stranger on was playing beach volleyball in Mexico and had red/white/blue swim trunks on and Dad was heckling him from the infinity pool😂

“I’ll be right there..” – literally the response to every call or text when I needed help 💕

“They did a good job. Don’t you think they did a good job?” – ANYTIME he hired anyone to do work on his home..

“It’s too rich” – every treat/dessert that was sweeter than a salerno butter cookie 🍪

Seen here rejecting a chocolate/peanut butter cookie 😳

“I love that shit” – every single time he did a shot of fireball 🥃

“You are so awesome” – what he said to people outside of the family to express his affection.

“I’ll have NONE of this today!” – when my brothers were playing with wheelchairs in church 🤦🏼‍♀️

“Math is your friend” – when the girls complained about the difficulty of their math classes.

“Our family is crazy!!!” 🤔🤔🤔….it’s possible

“WOAH” – how he expressed shocked feelings – hands need to be held up (facing away from him) in front of torso for this to be a total Papa 😊

“I’ll just have one cup of coffee..” – this was solely intended for messing with me at a restaurant… because when I was young and he would order coffee after dinner (after we had already been there sooooooo long in my world) I thought I’d die

“No! You won’t see one! They’re VERY infrequent!” – to Hannah on whether she would ever see a true Candy Apple Red car…

“Anyone want a milkshake?” – because he couldn’t go get ice cream if he was the ONLY one having it!

“babes” – his term of endearment for his girls. Used in a sentence: “love ya babes” Can also be combined with a name: i.e. Hannah babes; Hailey babes. I was just “babes”

“what can I do?” – if ANYONE seemed in the slightest bit of distress or need..

“Baby baby baby” – when talking to a baby. This must be done waving head back and forth. He said he learned they like this in psychology class😊

“let’s do a shot” – no reason – any day of the week that ends in Y

“My man!” – how he greeted males

“here take mine” – in regards to a seat, best piece of meat at dinner, parking spot, anything that he had…

“What’s the plan of attack?” – wanting details. Likely how I became such a planner!

“We’re gonna be late!” – if we were running anything less than 30 mins early

“my hero” – what he would say to the girls when they would tell him an accomplishment 💞

“You guys are driving me fucking nuts!” – when Josh and Chris were trying to get Papa into the car for an MRI and he had no use of his legs anymore.

“Don’t ask stupid questions!!” – when my Mom was offering “advice” as he and Josh were taking the cover off of the gazebo on his deck 😂

“So Proud” – his last spoken words of his life..

And he was..

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