Face palm isms of mine that are possibly also yours 😂

Why can’t I simply just say “thank you” when someone compliments something about me? If someone says “I love your top!” There is absolutely NO need for me to explain that I got it at Kohls and had a 30% off coupon. Wtf?! Now I’ve just made things awkward for us both 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

When I’m looking for an address or trying to reallllly focus when driving… why must I turn the music down? 🤔 Does that somehow improve my internal GPS navigation skills?

Or more recently if I can’t hear what someone says, I pull my OWN facemask down? Because that helps me hear?

Throwing away instructions to whatever food I’m making, only to moments later dig package out of the trash. Why do I trust myself to remember what to set the oven to, how long to cook it and how much water to add?

Overthinking my eye contact in certain situations. Like do I look at both eyes at the same time? Just one eye? Am I being creepy? Should I look away and then back? Then I realize I have no clue what we are talking about anymore.

If someone says something and I don’t hear, I’ll ask “what?”. If I still don’t have it the second time I’ll fake it and just guess the response.

Or running as fast as possible up the stairs from my basement at my own house? Because someone is clearly down there waiting to hurt me but will wait days and days until next I come down. And I’m 44 years old now.

Tripping over nothing but still looking back. I know damn well I just tripped over air, but still feel the need to do it.

Saying “ow” when I anticipate something will hurt, but nothing actually hurt.

Putting my playlist on shuffle like I’m cool with being surprised but then search until I find the songs I want to listen to.

Declaring with my husband that we will watch a movie! Then we scroll through all movies ever made, watch all trailers, get down rabbit holes of research about certain actors and then it’s too late to watch anything so we go to bed.

When in the grocery store and someone is in front of what I need to get to… just pretend read labels on a nearby item rather than just say “excuse me” and get what I need. Wasting precious time learning everything there is to know about the label and serving suggestions for this here block of tofu.

Or replying the wrong thing in a moment of brain fart. Like “you too” when someone says “Happy Birthday” or our waitress says “enjoy your meal” or “you’re welcome” if someone blesses me after I sneeze.

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