You can *try* to take the girl out of her sport…

I’ve mentioned before that I have extremely highly motivated and driven children. My youngest has found herself, at 16, to have such a full schedule – there is literally no time for ANYTHING else.

As we looked together at her commitments and desires we saw: school and ALL of the homework (reminder: she’s taking FOUR AP classes this semester), her job (saving for college and earning gas/spending money), volunteering at school every day (because she likes it and feels it will give her a leg in the future), and travel softball (HUGE time commitment).

This summer she (and I) had sadly come to peace with the fact that she would have to give up softball. We had enjoyed and appreciated last season as her farewell season from the game.

Hailey and I all emotional in her final game.

The heartbreaking part of it was that it was the first time in her life that she felt to be a part of something so positive. She hadn’t found a great fit with a team until now. Something that contributed so many learning moments. A coach who believed in her and pushed her to become a better version of herself. (Literally cannot say enough about this man and the atmosphere he creates for his girls).

So in a world where life is so hard. So anxiety provoking. So uncertain right now…. It became hard for THIS to be the thing that she lets go of. Especially since the entire team and coaching staff would be moving forward together.

So after thinking and thinking it through, she decided to keep this positive force in her life and trim a *bit* other places. Just a few less hours at her job (as I have told her… she has the rest of her life to work and I’m living proof that our bodies don’t ALWAYS allow us to sport forever 😬🤦🏼‍♀️) and a few less hours volunteering.

So we get to go again. We start today. Double header on a beautiful summer evening. My girl on the mound – as I get to watch her in her element; her outlet; the space in her life that fills her up in a way no other can.

As for us… we will be at the field. 🥎

…one more year. I think. Stay tuned 🤷🏼‍♀️

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