It’s our anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband Josh!

This year of marriage is that part in the vows where the “in sickness and in health” and “for better or for worse” came into play BIG TIME for us.

This year of marriage we had:
1 dog knee surgery
1 wife foot surgery
1 wife shoulder surgery

Then there were the months of intense care for my Dad as we walked the end of life journey with him.

My husband has shown up this year like no other. Caring for me, caring for my Dad like he was his own (in both instances performing nursing tasks that go wayyyyy above and beyond) Helping my Momma in so many ways. Doing extra around the house while I couldn’t (still can’t 🤦🏼‍♀️) and extra around my Mom’s house because she’s overwhelmed, all while being a huge support to our children and me as I am walking around with a different emotion hour to hour. This year admittedly I’ve been a real handful physically and emotionally.

He has been patience.
He has been strength.
He has helped when exhausted beyond belief.
He has been unconditional love.
Annnnd I’m pretty sure earned a nursing degree.

I’m so grateful that he is my person.

Happy anniversary honey! Love you forever and ever 💓

special note: one of the only pictures we have together this year was taken exactly one year ago today celebrating our anniversary

Cheers to our next year of marriage where I can hopefully be slightly less handicapped and we can get on with more of our planned and intentional adventures!!

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