Dad, Thursday and dance trash talking

This weekend is my and Josh’s wedding anniversary. Six years. Not a huge milestone or anything, just has me nostalgic about our day.

The weather that day was a scorching 108 degrees. And we had chosen an outdoor wedding ceremony. 🥵 Naturally, as Dad and I awaited our turn to walk down the aisle we snuck a quick fireball shot to calm the butterflies and toast our special moment.

Two minutes post fireball shot; staying hidden from Josh and trying to NOT melt 🥵

As one would expect, the first dance of our reception was the one with my husband. The second with my Dad. He didn’t know what song I chose but smiled a huge, proud smile when he realized it was Ray Lamontagne “You Are The Best Thing”.

I’ve mentioned before, and anyone who knows my Dad knows this already: he talks trash. About everything.

Ever heard of someone talking trash about dancing the father/daughter dance? Welp, apparently my Dad does!

Josh spun me during our first dance together and the guests woo hoo’d and it was sweet and lovely.

So as Dad and I are dancing he whispers (among other sweet things) “ready to twirl?” Then spent the rest of the song on a mission to show Josh how it’s done. 💗

Please enjoy this moment with me.

Father – Daughter dance at my wedding 9/5/15

Josh and I watch our wedding video every year. We love it so, so much. This weekend as we watch, I anticipate many emotions during this segment.

I’m living what is known as the year of firsts after losing someone.

I’m hoping to shift my thoughts from heartbreak to gratitude. Truly, I’m so grateful to have this video capturing Dad’s humor, his pride, his emotions and our beautiful relationship on such a wonderful day.

The song became his and mine that day.

Five years later, the day we learned that the cancer he had been fighting had spread everywhere, and hospice was the only option… I sent him a link to our song in a text after getting home from being with him. Because sometimes there are just no words. And his reply took me to my knees in tears as I realized that wouldn’t ever happen. Again.

I have so much gratitude that we got to have this moment. Our very own dance. It’s up there as one of the best moments of my life.

I suppose the takeaway would be to dance as often as you can. If you’re given the a choice to sit or dance… DANCE! Create all of the moments that you can. And most important: DEFINITELY make sure to “one up” the groom at the next wedding you attend. 💃🏻💃🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

2 Replies to “Dad, Thursday and dance trash talking”

    1. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost mine on 12/31/20 and have just been riding the waves of emotions as they come and go. Everyone’s grief is different. Give yourself grace and patience and allow your journey to be whatever you need it to be. (Even if most days you/we don’t know what that is!) 🙏

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