Thursday, Dad and Mexico

On Christmas Eve 2016, my parents gifted the family a trip. WE ARE GOING TO MEXICO: Summer 2017. They had recently purchased a timeshare there. **Special note: this makes sense if you know our family because basically Mexico has all components that cause it to be our mothership: ocean; tacos & tequila**

So we booked airfare. And may I just say trying to plan a trip traveling with a group of ten (who all are in different phases of life with different schedules) is a real shit show. But we locked in dates and went for it!

Of course we practiced prior to going… (while planning of course)

Planning session requires sombreros, duh

My parents ended up hiring a HUGE van to shuttle us and our luggage to the airport! Once we got there and actually made it to the terminal; the entire family was quoting movies, making eachother belly laugh, being obnoxious. Being us. I think Dad was rethinking this decision…

Smirking and possibly embarrassed here 😂

We made it. And had such a blast. We spent tons of time in the infinity pool that he was SO excited to show us. Fun fact: the infinity pool, while overlooking the ocean, also had a sand volleyball court just in front of us. We ended up heckling the games *coughs that’s the tequila speaking…. coughs* and Dad heckled some guy in red, white and blue swim trunks calling him “Captain America pants” 😳😂🤦🏼‍♀️

“Our” perch at the infinity pool: used for both looking at the ocean AND heckling

I don’t have enough space to talk about all that we did and saw on that trip. We swam with dolphins, saw 2648493 iguanas, relaxed by the pool, went into the ocean and played in the waves, ate alot, drank alot, laughed ALOT! Oddly one of his favorite things to eat there was at an ITALIAN RESTAURANT (lasagna with the cheese burnt juuust right)!!! What? *sidenote: his other favorite was ribs*

The memories are treasures and tucked safely into my heart. One of the favorite photos I possess of my Dad was taken on this trip. Because naturally- we hammocked.

This is a level 10 move: taking a Go Pro picture (or video, who knows) of me while I take one of him – all while holding a half full margarita in his mouth 👊🏻

We, knowing his diagnosis, also opted to get professional photos taken of our group.

It was so much fun. I have so much gratitude that we found the time and took this adventure together. We would end up repeating the trip in 2019 – but that we can talk about another time..

I have Mexico on my mind today because my Dad’s wishes were to have his ashes spread there. He loved it so much and the memories we made there as a family were apparently equally treasured in his heart. And man he loved the ocean. We have just solidified the dates that we will return to execute his wishes.

It gets me thinking and wondering: where in my life would I choose to spend eternity (with my physical body). Where will be the place that speaks to me most in my lifetime? I’m inspired to get started finding my favorite place(s). Not in a morbid way walking around like “I think this is option two for my ashes…” but more in a way of “As I look in the rearview mirror of my life, I’d love to see experiences and stories and this one is for the books!!”

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