Thursday, Papa & College Stories

With these past couple of weeks revolving around planning for my oldest daughters departure from school I think of my own college experience.

I went to community college for two years and played softball (and had so much fun) but lived at home.

I chose to live in an apartment as a Junior which was truly similar to going to community college and living at home. Went to class; went home to do homework or went to work. It was harder meeting friends, didn’t do much partying and definitely didn’t have the “typical” college experience.

Maybe that’s good. Maybe not. Who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s just how my story went.


When I was 21 I was at a holiday party that my parents went to as well. There were so many different people there, the host thought it would be fun to play an icebreaker game.

Everyone wrote down a single fact about themselves that noone at the party would know. Put the paper in a bowl all folded up. The host of the party read them and we had to try and guess who said what.

One of the papers said “skateboarded naked in college!”


Still walking that one off 25 years later 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

Later in life, a few years ago, when my oldest was looking at colleges for herself – we looked at his alma mater. Purdue. He took us on an awesome tour. He casually pointed out all points of interest and as we walked downhill he mentioned “skateboarded naked here….” And kept going.

This is Dad about skateboarding age 🤦🏼‍♀️

As we prepare to drop Hannah off Friday to begin living HER college life, I wonder what her experience will be. How her story will go?

My hope for her, all of us really, is we are aware that each day we wake up – we have the ability to make memories. Live a full life. One worth looking back on and having stories to tell.

My most write-down-on-a-piece-of-paper worthy stories didn’t occur during my college years. Which is fine. I’m still living and accruing mine.

Though we are very close I think I would prefer to have her keep a few of her “icebreaker paper” stories tucked into her pocket.

Forever 😂

Or at least for a while…. 🤔

I don’t even know. Pass the wine (and the tylenol)

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