Back to school then and now

You know how FaceBook reminds you of your memories for that day? Recently I have been getting daily memories revolving around back to school. In fact one of my recent post memories was just one sentence “I just aged twelve years in Target school supply shopping.”


School supply shopping has really changed for me.


I see all of these parents in Target the past couple of weeks.  They have their lists in hand searching for the exact sized glue stick while trying to keep their cool (or not) while their child runs around like they just finished snorting pixie sticks.


I remember.


I remember for us we were always seeming to search for items that didn’t exist. Items on our list that literally did not even exist. I can recall spending a good 15 minutes searching for a purple folder with two pockets and three prongs. Um ‘scuse me, school supply list makers, there is NO SUCH THING!!!


For me, this year, my oldest is going away to college for the first time. And school supply shopping looks like this for us: shopping for internet providers for her apartment; shopping for creative storage solutions for a tight space; shopping for silverware and starter dish sets.


Shopping for life.


Anyway I watch these parents search for a 3/16” glue stick (just exaggerating here, but you get my drift) and all of the exhaustion.


Parents. Take a breath. Just get the next closest sized glue stick and move on. It will end up in a shared bin anyway and your child will likely never even touch that glue stick.


One day (and it will be a blink of an eye) you’ll be like me; and your children will drive themselves to get the materials they need to organize themselves the best for school and all you will be shopping for extra Kleenex (for yourself). 😢

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