Thursday; Dad; music; and the looong “trench coat”

Music has always been a huge part of my life.

It’s also played a large role in my relationship with my Dad.

We all have various soundtracks to our lives.

Maybe we have one for our childhood/teenage years. One for a certain relationship. One applicable to certain seasons or events. A trip. A moment.

I have compiled a Spotify playlist that is over 12 hours long of songs that remind me of him, or songs he LOVED and tried to sing along to (but never knew the words), or songs he played (on vinyl) when we cleaned the house at SEVEN AM EVERY SATURDAY MORNING. This playlist has become the soundtrack of our relationship. I play it every Thursday now.


My oldest daughter had a very special relationship with my Dad. Her Papa.

We have a very close family. Their relationship was both independent of as well as inclusive of the rest of us. Hannah would stop by their house and just catch up. Spend time sitting by the pool and just shooting the shit. Helping with chores. Enjoying porch time while being force fed oreos. It reminded me so much of my childhood and it’s always been so special that they had such a close bond. And truly, I don’t know a lot of 16, 17, 18 year olds who would choose to spend so much of their free time with their grandparents. Hannah has always been exceptional. And she will never regret those moments.

One day, while I was working, Hannah decided to swing over to their house during her summer vacation. Being summer, of course, she and Papa quickly ended up poolside. They chatted about school, work, sports, anything. Everything. As I mentioned: music is a huge part of all of us – so naturally it’s always playing. That day was no exception.

This particular day as they soaked up some sun he asked Hannah “what is that song? You know. The one with the trench coat?” (as he continued scrolling and scrolling looking for said song)

With her patience dialed up she told him she would need a little more than that.

He just said again “you know… the one with the loooooong trench coat”

She consulted the Google.

No songs about a trench coat.

She asked “where did you hear it Papa?”

Papa: “on the radio”

She went to his truck and saw he had been listening to Sirius FM which keeps track of what they played that day.

After some digging she somehow found the song. So she put it on.

And they listened. 

He said “nope that’s not it.”

So she continued looking determined to find it.

He said “Oh! It’s playing right now! This is the song!” 

And he was SO pumped! 

There was nothing about a trench coat. 

The song was CAKE: “Short skirt/Long Jacket”

CAKE Short Skirt/Long Jacket

Take a listen. And when you hear it going forward please feel free (as we do) to insert “trench coat” in for jacket.

Our family sure has. It’s such a random song! He said “it’s got a great beat, doesn’t it? I’m gonna put it on my spotify!” We gave him grief about it for months when it would come on “oh the loooooong trench coat song is on!!!!”, and his reply was always “ok smartasses…” with a smirk on his face that only he possesses.

It’s become one of my favorite songs on the playlist of my life titled “Dad”.

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