My baby girl’s first apartment 😳

My baby girl got the keys to her first apartment!


We have been planning this for a while. I knew this was coming. But still, somehow, can’t wrap my brain or heart around it now that it’s here.


Sadly last year due to Covid she had to attend her freshman year of college while learning remotely from home. All of her friends still went away to school (different rules for different states and colleges) so it was tough for her to stay behind. As all of her friends were spreading their wings, making new friends, dorming, joining sororities, going to parties.. all of it.. she was home. It was almost like they were in “college prison” because of Covid. No one could come visit and no one could leave to come home for fear of spreading the stupid virus. And this was all coming off of a Senior Year of high school that was basically erased from going into quarantine.


The pandemic took away all of her lasts her senior year. 


No prom. No year full of fun seniors only events. No senior year of playing softball. No graduation ceremony.


It was a hard time for her. But she overcame.


What touches me most about her during all of this is that she has shown day in and day out that the circumstances in her life do not define who she is. SHE does. And the fact that she’s learned this already shows me that she can handle anything that life throws at her with grace, integrity and spirit.


She attended school remotely last year and ended her freshman year on the Dean’s List with a 4.0. Worked almost full time all year and saved a lot of money that would have been spent on housing.


For this upcoming sophomore school year she searched and searched for an affordable apartment. In the City of Chicago this is a challenge. Got hopes up on a couple. There was a “too good to be true” that fell through. She was losing hope at times.


But she overcame.


She (and two roommates) finally found one that will be perfect for them. We are currently acquiring all of the things to start her off at her very first home away from home. Kitchen utensils, a new mattress, sheets, storage containers. All of it. We have been making lists and timelines and have been checking items off one by one and it  has all felt super exciting!!

Then yesterday she got to pick up her keys. Came to show me right away. And my throat got all lumpy immediately. Something so small in a key is what takes me down and gets the emotional roller coaster going. And all I keep seeing is this photo in my mind. Arms open and ready to greet the world.


A key symbolizes so many things. Meant to unlock whatever stands in your way. For Hannah: I can’t wait to watch as she continues to navigate through this life. Unlocking doors and opportunities and all that life has in store for her.


Congratulations baby girl. You have earned that key. I am so proud of you, love you dearly and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

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