Thursday and Pepe

It’s another Thursday and as we know Thursdays are for my Dad.

And if you don’t, see the blog post I wrote “Thursdays are now for Dad”


My iPhone does this thing where it has a “featured photo”. It rotates and has a random photo each day. Which is fun. Today both photos were of my Dad. Actually they were of his alter ego. Pepe.


My Dad never ceased to amaze me. He was a khaki wearing pharmacist most of his life, but knew how to have fun. Lots of it.


During his seven year battle with stage four prostate cancer we took some family trips to Mexico. He loved it there. We had a blast and made forever memories.

He and my mom took a separate trip of their own. Also to Mexico. He was 70 at the time. When they came home, they said he had something special that they bought while they were there. He left the room we all were in and came back wearing this.


Yes, it is a shot glass holster. Complete with salt and a place to hold a bottle of tequila. Oh! And it was custom engraved “Papa”! Is this in our wildest dreams what we thought would be something he would look twice at, let alone purchase?! Nope. But that was my Dad. Full of amazing surprises. Always. 


We learned later that Mom said he was very hesitant to buy it, even though he thought it was so amazing. He thought he would look silly or that we wouldn’t think it to be as cool as he did.


He then began to wear it whenever the mood struck him at family pool parties. Or holidays. Or just a Sunday if we were over.

I was at my parent’s house a couple of days ago and saw the holster. Bunched up collecting dust as it hasn’t been used for a while now. And I can’t shake the vision of it. And then today these two pictures of Pepe (as we called his alter ego) appeared. 


I’m so glad he ended up buying it. 


I think what I’m going to take from this is to take that holster story and carry it through into my own life and if given the choice: choose silly. Choose fun. Remember to give zero fucks whether I look ridiculous or not. And who cares if you THINK you can’t pull it off!! Because to someone, someday, my silly, fun things may make up a huge part of who I am and what people will remember most about me.

We should all develop our own alter egos if that means that even for just a moment we can step outside of our comfort zones and be whatever it is that we want to be. And if that’s the case, maybe in the end our alter egos can become our daily lives and we can live more of the silly, more of the happy and more of the fun.

Cheers Daddy 🥂

4 Replies to “Thursday and Pepe”

  1. He was an awesome guy. One of the first friends I made at Target and he would still reach out to me long after we were both out of that place. I regret never finding time to take him up on his offer to meet at the Broken Oar or swim at his pool…

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