The struggle is real and I’d like to excuse myself from figuring out what’s for dinner.

I am at a stage in my life called “getting people places.” It is almost done, as my youngest is allllmost 16, however it feels that the closer I get to my children ALL being able to get themselves where they need to go when they need to go – the intensity and frequency that they need to be places ramps up to near impossibility in achieving. I feel like I need a flowchart, a graphing calculator and possibly a protractor to map out my weeks. Most days, I sleep at my house and that’s about it after a furiously quick shower. Wait, no, that’s exaggerating. I’m home on Monday evenings. I don’t know when I’ll be home on weekends because we have travel sports tournaments. Not sure how far we will go in them. If I can plan or commit to anything?

*don’t get me wrong – it’s all just part of the parenting ride (see what I did there) it’s just a hustle!!*

But this leads me to my question: what the hell is for dinner?

It’s actually my least favorite thing right now.

Every weekend I stare at my phone and make my grocery list/meal plan for the week. I play this game of wanting to have enough for several teenagers, but not too much that I’m the only one eating the leftovers and can never look at that dish again. Not too many veggies so they go to waste by the time I want to make that dish in the week. And I most CERTAINLY don’t want to shop multiple times per week Nor do I want our freezer to look like a library of DiGiorno’s.  

I feel like I’m in a rut.

Like my brain cannot even think of anything to make besides the same two or three things. My girls and I were tested recently for food sensitivities which adds in an extra layer of cluster for the rules of meal planning. We are healthy eaters. We really are what we eat – and *for the most part* we fuel ourselves well.

Yes, I could cut myself slack and just do take out or swing through a drive through during this season. Obviously this gets expensive! And none of us would feel quite right after a while.

Does this happen to you? I try some new recipes now and again from Pinterest. Ya know the ones that say “the BEST” chicken or whatever… but those can be risky sometimes..

So what’s for dinner at your house? I need inspiration? Or just time? Possibly a long nap that ends when I wake up in a hammock with a book and a beverage on a beach somewhere?

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Bottom line: The struggle is real and I’d like to excuse myself from figuring out what’s for dinner.

2 Replies to “The struggle is real and I’d like to excuse myself from figuring out what’s for dinner.”

  1. I made a lb of spaghetti, grilled a big package of chicken tenders, cut up some fresh mozzarella, added some fresh basil and a bunch of halved cherry tomatoes. S&P and olive oil, done. For several helpings or meals beyond one day. Light and refreshing. Other than that and I got nothin’! 😀


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