Today’s my favorite anniversary…

Some of you may know that I have a tattoo on my shoulder of a date woven through some flowers. The date is today’s. Because on this date 7/6/13 Josh and I decided to stop being afraid of “trying again” and decided to go for this love thing. After being divorced with kids it’s truly harder than it sounds.

We were high school sweethearts! And by that I mean we got the butterflies when we saw each other in the halls. We liked each other, but in a “we don’t know what to do anything about it, but maybe pass an occasional note folded up like a triangle” …or ride together (unseatbelted facing backwards in the back back of a friends moms SUV) to Josh’s soccer game and say zero words to each other. Mostly just sweat and be nervous and awkward. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

We were each others first kiss. Not a passionate impressive kind, but more of a Josh stops by where I’m babysitting and we talk for 263844 hours in the doorway (kids were sleeping) and then we clunk faces and he left. *nailed it*

And that was our entire high school relationship.

After high school we went our separate ways. Married other people. Had kids. Divorced. Were single parents of young children and not exactly sure how to try again. Or if it was worth it. Apparently our decision making had failed us once before! badly. And then we RE met in 2010 (via Facebook of all places) and decided to get together for dinner. And we clicked. But we were totally gun shy of committing.

So we danced around it. Kept ourselves just far enough away from what might look like a relationship. Even though everything about us felt right. Kept things casual. Tried dating other people (🤮) and we didn’t find with anyone even a fraction of what we had with each other.

This anniversary is one that means the most to me of all anniversaries that exist because taking that big leap lead to the happiest road I’ve ever been on. Here we are running crazy, raising teenagers (and a high maintenance doggo) together and laughing our way through life. Today is our “let’s just go for this thing” anniversary!!

Our crew who thankfully jumped in with us ❤️

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