So I did a new thing…

What am I even doing right now?


**shrugs shoulders**


I’ve been encouraged to write since I was in high school in the early 90’s when I was cruising around in my grungy flannel, my peg rolled jeans and my ENORMOUS-ly large shellacked *permed* bangs. My teachers began to urge me to continue with this craft. In college, my Creative Writing professor told me “I don’t care what else you do in your life as long as you continue writing. Please. Please do it.”


My Dad, who I lost to cancer six months ago, asked simply “Yeah… but… What are you going to do with that? Like write what?”


Not in a negative way. But in a one eyebrow raised “asking for a friend” kind of way.


I had no idea the answer to that, so I sort of let that teacher’s advice/urging go in one ear and out the other.


And here I am 25 years later (holy hell) babbling on and on via FaceBook posts. Just about me. My family. My life. Victories, struggles, moments that strike me funny or just strike me. And what I’ve learned is this: what strikes me appears to also strike others. And people have reached out. Random people that I didn’t even realize I was FB friends with that I knew decades ago. They’ve reached out saying “thank you, what you said changed my life..” And I’m like what? Are we friends? What? And not a week that goes by that I don’t continue to hear “Please always write”.. or “you moved me”… or “you helped me”… or “I look forward to your posts and if you don’t post I’m so curious about what’s going on with xyz.. in your life.”

My life?! This blessed but also complete shit storm?!

I have realized in my 44 years on this planet that writing is so much a huge part of who I am. And it’s the best way I know how to communicate. To everyone. And I guess it IS my thing.

And my Momma. My biggest cheerleader who has always ALWAYS asked me to write more. A book maybe? A hundred books? Always my biggest encourager!


So I thought I’d put more into this. Keep doing me, just in a different way. It just feels right to me now.


What am I going to do with it Dad?


I have absolutely no fucking idea… but I’m gonna plug my nose, close my eyes and cannonball in and finally find out!

2 Replies to “So I did a new thing…”

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Always write! You are so gifted with words. I’m so excited to take this journey with you.


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